Go to the SportsBar, without leaving your house!

sportsbarvr sportsbarLast year, you may recall a game called Pool Nation FX, which put you into a pool hall to work your way up the pool leaderboards. Well, it looks like another developer wants to take that experience even further, but with the addition of PlayStation VR. Ladies and gentlemen, this is SportsBarVR.

SportsBarVR will release on October 13th. It is co-developed by Cherry Pop Games & Perilous Orbit and will allow for multiplayer via VR. You will never have to leave the house again, and can instead socialise within the safe confines of your living room or bedroom, but in a sportsbar.

SportsBarVR features a pool table as well as other sportsbar mini games like Darts, Air Hockey, Skeeball. Shuffleboard, Chess. amd Checkers. More games are promised after launch, although whether these will be free, or require you to spend money on a few virtual pints before hand is to be seen.

It’s certainly an interesting concept, although a 6 player multiplayer VR title in a virtual environment may seem odd, but isn’t it what we all truly desire, and what we already kinda do, through our TV sets?

If games of chess or darts in the bar is your kind of Friday night, then this game might be right up your alley. Let’s hope there are some decent rock tunes on the jukebox too!

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