Splatoon gets a new Ranked Game Mode

splatoonNintendo have been true to their word about providing regular content updates to Splatoon and have released multiple maps and weapons since the game officially launched. The latest update has now added a new game mode, Tower Control, which has been added to the ranked rotation.

In Tower Control the two teams will, believe it or not, fight for control of a tower. The tower structure is a simple platform and grate that appears on the map. The aim of the mode is to spray the platform in your colour of ink. While the platform is under your control it will automatically move on a preset path into enemy territory where you will have to fight hard to retain your position. One player will need to remain in position, so turning into a squid and falling off the platform, or getting splatted will see the tower rapidly move backwards towards the neutral starting point. The inkling on the tower will be a high profile target for the enemy team and a sitting duck if their teammates on the ground aren’t defending them. If time runs out before either team can complete the movement of the tower the team who managed who has moved it closest to the goal will win instead.

The mode releases just in time for the July 4th Splatfest which will see the maps plunged into darkness and the player base splits into two teams. If you’re in North America it’s Team Cat vs Team Dog while Europe sees Team Rock take on Team Pop. This is the first, of hopefully many, Splatfests and will see the maps being swapped out for night time versions that you’ll be lighting up with neon ink.

Source: Nintendo

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