Sparrow Racing League now live in Destiny

sparrow racing leagueToday marks the opening day of the Sparrow Racing League on Destiny. To take part, you will need to own a copy of The Taken King, not just the regular Destiny. From here, visit the new Shipwright hub in the Tower. There, you will meet Amanda Holliday who will let you play the new racing mode.

When you visit Holliday to take part in the Sparrow Racing League, the following opportunities are available:

  • Obtain your SRL Licence Quest and SRL Bounties
  • Earn a new Sparrow as part of the SRL Quest
  • Upgrade your reputation by completing SRL Bounties
  • Each Race is a chance to earn SRL gear and Shaders
  • The higher your reputation, the better the post-game drops
  • Helmets and Class Items can drop with up to 320 Light
  • Helmets and Class Items with Light can be used for Infusion
  • All other SRL gear has no Light, but features racing perks

As of today, these items will be available to buy from the Eververse Trading Company:

  • New emotes to celebrate the thrill of speed and competition
  • ToolKits that include stylish (but equally fast) Sparrows
  • ToolKits that include Horns to let you signal your approach
  • A new Record Book to provide more challenge and reward
    • Complete challenges to earn vanity gear with 3 Light
    • Collect an exclusive emblem and a shader
    • Commemorate your SRL stats after the event is over
    • SRL Helmets and Class Items acquired via the Record Book can be Infused to immortalize your status as a racing champion!

sparrow race

Now here’s the thing. I’m not a fan of Destiny. I played the base story on year one, and haven’t really bothered with the grinding and new add-on packs, as like many, I just didn’t enjoy the game’s universe or (lack of) story. With the Sparrow Racing League, I’m extremely tempted to jump in over the course of the next three weeks, as I love racing. Seeing the Sparrows in Destiny last year, I always thought a racing mode would be awesome. It’s a shame it has taken this long to pop up, but it’s great that Bungie have finally put it out there.

[Source: Gamespot]


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