Soundtrack Section: Project CARS

Project CARSThere are some tunes and theme songs that you just identify as stuff you hear on weekends. Take the Top Gear or Match of the Day theme. You know it’s Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon when you’re at home with the feet up, and you hear your favourite weekend show start. Pure bliss. Project CARS, to me, has that same sensation, thanks to its amazing soundtrack.

Whether it’s the heart-pounding beat of a heavy drum & bass drop to inspire you to nail that next corner, the uplifting melody of an EDM anthem, or classic strings to accompany your open-top drive along the coast, Project CARS has a grand selection of tunes that hit you in the menus. Out on the track, it’s just you, the sound of roaring engines, and burning rubber. Stephen Baysted is the composer who brought us this phenomenal mix.

When you first load up the game and take a few minutes to savour the gorgeous opening cinematic, you’ll know what I mean by ‘Saturday music’ around the 2 minute mark in the following clip. It sounds like the opening to an hour long car show before you’re greeted by fortunate presenters who get to drive cars we can only dream of owning or experiencing. Well, we do in the game, just not in real life. Such is life.

You might say that most driving games have particularly good soundtracks, especially titles like Need for Speed or Forza Horizon, even Driveclub with its original soundtrack created specifically for the game. Project CARS is the same in that regard. No licensed music, no pop or dance chart stuff that you recall from a few years back. Just beautiful, epic music to set the tone. Epic is the key word here. When you listen to the example below, tell me you’re not impressed by the strings, the harmony, the everything! Let your ears take in the first minute, or longer, of this one.

Can it get any more epic and climatic? Yes it can. This one has quite the build up, with some pit crew audio thrown in for good measure, again setting the tone for the enduring race ahead, no matter the racing style you’re focusing on.

While the racing itself might not be for everyone, Project CARS certainly has a unique feel, community, and without doubt, an amazing soundtrack. Project CARS is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s great on the wheel if you have a nice setup, but for controller users, you will struggle, but you will learn. The hard way.

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