Soundtrack Section: Overcooked

OvercookedThis last holiday, I picked up a copy of Overcooked to enjoy with my partner and family for some local co-op hilarity. I had heard so much about the game from friends, and Team17’s regular updates and marketing posts. I was curious, and it didn’t let me down in the slightest.

Once you get a feel for the co-op gameplay, and it doesn’t take long, you soon find yourself panicking in the kitchen as you try to complete as many orders as possible to accomplish the challenges to grab the three stars . All the while, this little jingle is playing over the frantic action, as the sound of food being chopped, ovens and pots beeping before they catch fire, players laughing as they scramble to clean plates to push out the orders, and it’s so delightfully made.

The song features in all of the opening levels, and you may think at first that hearing the same song on repeat would grow tiresome, but it really doesn’t. I find myself humming the song while I’m actually cooking in real life, or just as I’m out for a stroll; it has just been branded into my head and I have no regrets. As the levels progress and the timer gets closer to zero, the song does begin to speed up, adding even more panic, as if you needed it…

It’s a superb game for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which you can only play locally with up to 4 players. No online play at all, and it serves it better for it…Get it? 😉 You can read our full review of Overcooked here, if you want to learn more.

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