Soundtrack Section – Guardian Heroes

guardian heroesOne of the greatest games to grace the Sega Saturn in 1996, and then the Xbox 360 in 2011 is Guardian Heroes by Treasure. As well as its amazing gameplay and art style, Guardian Heroes also featured a beautiful, energetic and diverse soundtracks.

It’s difficult to choose just one track from the game to share, but the intro theme along with the cinematic is a good place to start. Set in a fantasy land, a group of friends uncover a sword, which reveals itself as containing some magical power, and raises an ancient golden warrior from his grave to fight alongside you.

My favourite song from the soundtrack is ‘Shuffler in the Dark’, which plays during the moment of the Golden warrior being raised from the dead. Energetic, awesome drums and an amazing saxophone segment does it for me. There are a few tracks on the game that make use of the sax, and they’re all great.

Songs of note are the opening theme, ‘Open Your Heart’, ‘Fighters of Pain’, ‘Jazzy Sabotage’, ‘The Plot’, ‘It’s Alive’, ‘Rough and Ready‘ or Valgar’s Theme, and ‘“Toki” Meki Saxophone‘.

It’s a fantastic game, one of the best side scrolling beat ’em ups out there, and again, a soundtrack worth your time.

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