Sony, what are you doing?

playstation 4 pro sonySony… Oh dear, oh dear. The past few days have been turbulent to say the very least. The backlash from the PlayStation event in New York regarding the PlayStation 4 Pro, the increase in PS+ prices and now Bethesda have dropped the bombshell that the PlayStation 4 won’t be receiving mod support. Sony, what are you doing?!?

I’ve supported Sony this entire generation. The PlayStation 4 has been my preferred console of choice since they showed what it was capable of. After a very successful E3 back in 2013, Sony have gone from strength to strength and it seems like they were set to completely dominate the market after Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal. This week however, Sony have made some rather puzzling choices and they haven’t gone down well.

Let’s start with the PlayStation 4 Pro. No, it doesn’t have 4K Blu-ray support and that is a baffling omission considering Sony are the ones behind the Blu-ray disc, so that has been met with quite a bit of hostility. Sony have also said it’s a matter of a small firmware update but surely it should have been added in from the start. Even this is hard to believe, as there’s a difference in hardware between both Bluray and 4K Bluray. Microsoft have also taken a dig at Sony by recently advertising the Xbox One S does have 4K Blu-ray support, a dig that Sony seem to have ignored.

xbox one s advert

Let’s move onto the increase in PS+ subscription. Being honest, PS+ has always been in Xbox Live’s shadow in regards to reliability and performance. For a while, you’d get some excellent PS+ games but that’s when PS+ wasn’t mandatory to play games online for the PS4. Since PS+ became mandatory for online gaming with the PS4, the quality of free games have taken a noticeable dive in quality. This increase in price has again made many PlayStation owners disgruntled and frustrated.

Finally, today Bethesda have announced that Sony are blocking mod support for Fallout 4 and Skyrim: Remastered. Considering Sony’s slogan for this gen has been “for the players” that isn’t very player friendly and will give a massive boost to their rivals, Microsoft. I’ve read countless Sony fans today all saying they’re done with Sony and are moving to Microsoft due to their arrogance and mistreatment of the player base.

skyrim mod thomas the tank

All this combined and considering the fact Sony have announced TWO new versions of the PlayStation 4, you’d think they would be doing everything in their power to convince gamers that the PS4 is the best place to play, not push them to their rivals with their antics. I honestly believe that this week a massive blow has been dealt to Sony’s credibility and considering that backslash against Microsoft for their Xbox One reveal, gamers don’t forget. I just hope Sony can put the wrong things right, and sharpish.

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