Sony unlocks more power for PS4 game developers

PS4Earlier this year, Microsoft unlocked a significant portion of power from the seventh core of Xbox One’s processor, granted developers additional CPU time to work with making their job considerably easier. Now Sony have followed suit having previously favouring GPU power over CPU power in the hardware design of the PS4, giving the Xbox a slight advantage in certain aspects.

If you’re not really interested with the inner workings of your console, this isn’t really going to mean a lot to you, and in the interest of maintaining the integrity of our site’s ethics (anti-console war) we won’t be focusing on comparing the two newer-generation consoles, because well… We aren’t IGN.PS4

So what does this news actually mean for gamers? Basically the hardware design of the PS4 means that previously, two of the console’s eight processors were reserved for the consoles operating system, therefore limiting the consoles capabilities in terms of performance. Realistically, the console was never really lacking in power and according to most developers has been an absolute dream to work with but Sony have decided to do it anyway.

The additional power means that developers of new games will be able to push the capabilities of the console further than ever before, though unless existing games get continued support from their respected developers, it’s difficult to see how they will utilize the additional CPU time. As of yet it’s not exactly clear where the additional power has come from or whether other applications of the console have been affected. Sources have stated that the PS4’s debugging and analysis tool named Razor could be the subject of the hardware re-design freeing up the additional power from the seventh core.

In conclusion it’s good news all round, details are somewhat obscure at the moment but reliable sources have confirmed that Sony have indeed unlocked the additional power. How much exactly is yet to be confirmed but we’ll be sure to provide an update when we hear more.

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