Sony try to trademark the term ‘Let’s Play’

let's playIt has come out that between the months of October and December 2015, Sony were trying to file a trademark for the term “Let’s Play”. Let’s Play videos involves watching other people play games over Twitch or video recording services, and Sony want to take ownership of it.

The idea of Let’s Play has been around for a long, long time. Even before Youtube was alive, ‘Let’s Play’ was on the internet in screenshot form, almost like reading a walkthrough of the game. With Youtube, it just evolved into watching someone complete your favourite games for nostalgia purposes, or for gameplay guides during tough sections.

sony trademarkA Youtube channel by the name of LetsPlay exists already, with a current following of 3.5 million Youtube subscribers, but still Sony want to claim it as their own. What’s even more odd is that Let’s Play players play any and all games. Not just PlayStation games, so could Sony trademark a term for something that sees people playing Xbox, Nintendo or even PC titles? PewdiePie, Markiplier and many other Youtubers have made a living from streaming and recording gameplay in this manner. What would it mean for their earnings if it was owned by Sony?

The trademark submission can see seen here, with a screenshot below. We’d love to hear what you think of this piece of news. Let’s say for the sake of argument, Sony actually succeed(ed) in trademarking ‘Let’s Play’, what would the internet call it next?

Sony attempt to trademark Let's Play

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