Sony to release ‘elite’ Dualshock 4 controllers?

dualshock 4Fresh rumours are circulating the internet this morning relating to PlayStation Dualshock controllers similar to that of the Xbox One Elite controllers. They cost a pretty penny, but do Sony have plans to release their own high spec controllers?

The rumour isn’t new, and the design for these controllers have been in circulation previously. The reason they have come up again is because Sony have refilled the patent on them, rather than letting it expire. Why would that be? Hmmm..

The Xbox One Elite controller has been a success for the Xbox team and for the fans. Created and shipped lovingly in a carry case with various buttons, paddles and stick configurations, it’s the ideal companion for esports gaming or competitive play.

ps4 elite dualshock 4 ps4 elite dualshock 4

It’s understandable why Sony would want to release their own brand of elite Dualshock controllers, and I see no problem with that. It’s clear that there’s a market for them, and if fans can get their hands on a more premium version of their favourite controller, then let them!

[Source: Push Square]

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