Sony Not Planning on a New PSP due to Mobile Dominance

Shuhei YoshidaIf you were one of those people hoping to hear an announcement a new PSP, then bad news as Sony are unlikely to sell any more, at least in the near future.

This news comes from the President of Sony Computer Entertainment himself, mister Shuhei Yoshida, when asked about the future of the handheld system during a Q&A at the EGX 2015 panel.

While he and the team enjoyed making the PSP and the Vita, the rise of smartphone gaming makes it difficult for Sony to warrant a new handheld system to follow on the Vita.

When asked about a successor to the vita, Yoshida replied:

“That’s a tough question. People have mobile phones and it’s so easy to play games on smartphones, and many games on smartphones are free, or free to start.”

“I myself am a huge fan of PlayStation Vita and we worked really hard on designing every aspect. Touch-based games are fun – there are many games with really good design. But having sticks and buttons make things totally different.

“So I hope, like many of you, that this culture of playing portable games continues but the climate is not healthy for now because of the huge dominance of mobile gaming.”

You can watch the whole Q&A session with Yoshida below, just skip in a bit:

It has been 4 years since the Vita launched in Japan on December 2011, but sales have not been great outside their home nation. It has been apparent for a while now that Sony have not been too pushed on promoting the system, barely mentioned in press events, practically leaving it for dead, but the mobile market is likely a big reason for its failures. Compared to its predecessor, the 3DS also hasn’t done as well, but is the go-to handheld console for anyone wanting.

It is probably best for Sony to focus their efforts where it counts, especially when their finances weren’t looking too hot not so long ago. It is unlikely that Nintendo will follow suit anytime soon, but even they are starting to feel the pressure of the mobile market. What are your thoughts though? Let us know in the comments!

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