Sony Europe’s CEO on backwards compatibility for PlayStation

PS3 PS4 backwards compatibilityWhile the Xbox One is due to receive backwards compatibility on November 12th, Sony are sticking to their PlayStation Now service, which allows fans to stream games for a fee. While many argue over the benefits or uselessness of backwards compatibility, isn’t choice the best option?

During the Paris Games Week, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s president and CEO, Jim Ryan made a few comments on the subject to Eurogamer, about how it’s not really a feature that gets much use.

“I know a big thing was made about this at E3. It’s a feature – we go through this when we launch a new console – it’s a feature that gets much talked about. But it’s a feature that’s not used that much. People move on very quickly.

PlayStation NowIt was very interesting to look at that montage of the various Tekkens, and seeing how those things have evolved over the years. The first one, which I loved, looks prehistoric. The next generation comes along, and people just jump at it. It gets talked about, and it’s always high on the list of what people want, but it’s not a feature that gets used that much. Our focus is on the new games.”

There has been talk of PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 classics making their way to the PlayStation Now service in the future, but whether fans really want those games now is debatable. Sure, they’re classics, you can’t deny that, but with how quickly games change, develop and improve, would you go back to a mid 90’s game or something from the early noughties?

[Source: PlayStation Lifestyle]

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