Sony Computer Entertainment becomes Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony Computer Entertainment Sony Interactive Entertainment Sony Computer Entertainment, which was founded in November of 1993 has graced our PlayStations since the beginning of the console’s lifespan. This branding ran until 2005, when it then expanded into Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios. Now, another change is afoot, and we welcome Sony Interactive Entertainment.

“We are announcing the formation of a new company called Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC (SIE) that will serve as the headquarters for everything PlayStation. This new company, headquartered out of the United States in San Mateo, California, joins the forces of both Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Sony Network Entertainment LLC, combining the strengths and talents of both companies,” said Jim Ryan, President & CEO of SCEE on the official PlayStation Blog.

This new moment in PlayStation history will power the next 20 years of PlayStation innovation, including all PlayStation related branding, including PlayStation VR which we’ll see later this year.

“The formation of SIE will create an even stronger PlayStation. That means an even bigger emphasis on developing pioneering platforms like PS4 and PlayStation VR, world-class games from our World Wide Studios development teams, and innovative network services such as PlayStation Vue.”

While the change may not impact you directly, it at least instills a form of commitment from Sony to continue doing what they’re doing, and building on the strength of the PlayStation franchise. With the success of the PlayStation 4 this generation, shifting more units than its competition, it can only mean bigger things for its fan base.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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