Sony announce exciting new partnership

SonyIf you follow 4-One Gaming on a regular basis, then you’ve probably come across the stories relating to Hideo Kojima, and the ongoing turmoil between Kojima and his former employer Konami, eagle-eyed viewers will also notice that we just used the words “former employer” and yes, it was on purpose.

Kojima is now officially free from Konami following reports that were published yesterday, that he had started his own studio. Today, the reports were confirmed as true by Sony’s President and Global CEO, Andrew House, earlier today, a video announcement was published online announcing the recent move by Kojima, however that’s not the only announcement that was made, check out the full video below (subtitled):

Sony have officially announced an all new partnership between themselves and Kojima’s new studio meaning you’ve got yet another reason to put a PS4 on your Christmas list this year. The enthusiasm between the two is immediately apparent and it’s great to see that Sony have offered Hideo a home under the PlayStation banner.

Unfortunately however Sony’s tight-lipped nature would more than likely mean we’re a good way away from anything along the lines of a project announcement, but it doesn’t take a genius to realize that Kojima and Sony are a match-made in heaven. Kojima’s talents with Sony’s hardware and market knowledge? Epic collaboration, however being an Xbox fan and an Xbox One owner I can’t help but feel somewhat Sonydisappointed. It’s purely envy however, chances are whatever comes out of this partnership will be exclusively for PlayStation hardware and while that’s great for PS4 fans, it’s not great for my wallet.

However, there are still gamers out there who have been waiting for the right time to upgrade to the newer-generation of consoles, so with all of this in mind we’d now like to ask you, does this new partnership help sway you to spend your money? Let us know in the comment section!

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