Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed now backwards compatible

xbox backwards compatible decemberThis week, three more titles made the jump to the list of backwards compatible titles on Xbox One. Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed is one of those games that everyone should own and enjoy. Kart racing at its finest.

The other games on the list include Puzzle Quest Galactrix and Puzzle Quest 2. Galactrix offers a full-featured campaign mode, online multiplayer for 2 to 4 players while they both offer ‘match three’ gameplay for those who like their ‘one quick game before bed’ experience.

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed however is an absolute must-have. Competitive racing with vehicles that transform from cars into boats and into planes. Loads of unlockable characters, stages, and cool stat boosts. The soundtrack is brilliant too, harking back to Nights, Sonic the Hedgehog and even Golden Axe. Enjoy it online or offline in 4 player splitscreen, and tackle the game’s battle mode too, like in Mario Kart of yesteryear.

Excuse me while I go and fanboy about it with this trailer.

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