Sonic 2017 gets a title, while Sonic Mania is delayed

Sonic ManiaSonic the Hedgehog fans received both good and bad news yesterday during an SXSW panel, which firstly announced a slight delay of Sonic Mania, originally due for console release this spring. Secondly, Sonic’s 2017 project has been given a title, and an official gameplay reveal is expected later today.

Sonic Mania harks back to the timeless classics of the original Sonic titles, from 1 through Sonic & Knuckles. Remaking some of the most familiar, favourite stages while adding to them, as well as giving Sonic new moves and animations; this will surely make it a hit upon launch. The date unfortunately has been scrubbed out and replaced with a ‘summer’ release window. When it eventually arrives, you can pick it up on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

In the meantime, you can check out some new gameplay footage of Sonic Mania, with the revamped Flying Battery Zone. One of the best Sonic tunes out there, I tell ya!

In other Sonic related news, ‘Sonic 2017’ will now be referred to as Sonic Forces, a 3D adventure which will hopefully do better than recent 3D Sonic releases. We will update this post with the new gameplay trailer due today.

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