Someone at Hello Games actually says hello

no man's skyIt’s been quite a while now since we heard anything from Hello Games or Sean Murray which considering the state of affairs surrounding their game No Man’s Sky is disappointing and pretty surprising. It seems someone within the team has stuck their head above the parapet and said a few words at least.

Given the sheer volume of communications coming from Hello Games and Sean Murray before No Man’s Sky’s release their stone cold silence since the game hit the fan is disappointing and frankly out of order. Sony too have been pretty quiet apart from the odd interview where they threw Murray under a bus and said they were happy with all the money the game had earned them. Ok they didn’t quite say that but they may as well have done.Hello Games

It seems some one at Hello Games wasn’t entirely comfortable with the silence either as (ironically the guy in charge of the audio) broke ranks and popped up to say a few brief words on twitter on the matter of the deafening silence. According to the Audio Chief, Paul Wier the team are hard at work on a patch for the game and Sean is fine. he went on to say that it was entirely up to Sean or Hello Games  about when they want to talk publicly.

Whilst I can appreciate the team are hard at work counting mon….I mean working on features Sean had promised, they managed a steady stream of information whilst the game was being developed so there really is no excuse for the silence now, especially since so many people feel angry and want answers. It’s hard to see at this point how the team are going to be able to salvage their reputations even if they are able to add all the missing features.

Just to add to Hello Games’ woes, No Man’s Sky now has one of the lowest user ratings on Steam. The recent numbers on Steam show that most recent user reviews (5,529 of them) are overwhelmingly negative whilst 71,637 reviews are ‘mostly negative’. Steam’s own data shows  that only 12 percent of reviews submitted in the last 30 days are positive. Overall, 32 percent of reviews positive. One thing that is certain is that the long and ongoing silence isn’t doing them any favours.

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