Snipperclips Review A Surprise Hit or One To Miss?

SnipperclipsEvery now and then Nintendo throw us a curve ball and catch us completely by surprise. Leading up to the Nintendo Switch launch date I watched a few events and saw a charming looking game called Snipperclips. The more I saw of the game the more fun it looked and at £17.99 it looked pretty good value for money too. So what’s the reality? Is this a surprise hit or should you be wary of it? Read on to find out.

The premise to Snipperclips is actually pretty simple. You control a cartoon character who is made from paper and your friend(s) control(s) the other Character(s). you are faced with a number of puzzles you must complete by overlapping your companions and shaping them as necessary by snipping them. Need a poker to press a button or a hook? Just position yourselves and make what ever tool you need by cutting each other.

In Snipperclips you can rotate your body a full 360 degrees to ensure you can make anything you need for the challenges that lay ahead. The puzzles take place in a 2D world and vary in challenge and requirements. Some are easy and some are tricky. Either way you will need to communicate with your friend(s) to be able to complete the task. Effectively the game tests your ability to work together and to figure out a solution to the task facing you.

You’ll inevitably find yourselves engaging in a snipping war at some point where you and your friend try to just snip the life out of each other which is both hilarious and good fun. When hostilities cease it’s back to work and puzzle solving time. You’ll often find that the puzzles can have a number of solutions. Maybe you’ll solve one by pure luck or maybe you’ll totally overthink it when there is a far easier and quicker way to complete the task.


The puzzles feel nice and varied and I never found myself getting bored. I enjoyed the game with my wife and my kids so it really is a game the whole family can enjoy together. I look forward to introducing Jorn to the game with a few beers and can imagine it will be hilarious fun with friends. You can play Snipperclips alone by switching between the characters with the press of a button (much like Overcooked) but to be honest it’s nowhere near as much fun on your own. There are two additional modes for 2-4 players where you can either compete in games such as basketball or just partake in a Snip death match. Neither really feels as good as the main show however, but it’s nice to have options.


Snipperclips isn’t the most beautiful or complex game out on the market but it’s an extremely good fun couch co-op game that makes good use of the Nintendo Switch Joy-cons. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was an internal Nintendo game because it really has that Nintendo feel to it but it was made by another studio (SFB Games) and is merely Published by Nintendo. Snipperclips is great fun, frustrating at times and will have you wanting to throttle your partner every now and then but this is the best couch co-op game since Overcooked and if you have a Nintendo Switch I can easily recommend this game.

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