Smite now available on Steam

smiteGood news for all Steam players, as Hi-Rez Studios has released SMITE, the mythology-themed, free-to-play action MOBA, on Steam for PC systems.

“The time is right for SMITE on Steam,” said Todd Harris, co-founder and COO of Hi-Rez Studios. “The platform has evolved to include more quality free-to-play titles and, most importantly, better ways for users to discover them. Now is the best time yet to see what SMITE is all about, and we’re excited to make it even easier for the more than 125 million active users worldwide who call Steam home to dive in for free.”

SMITE has proved to be a massive success as well on Xbox One, releasing last month officially, but previously keeping crowds of fans happy during its long-winded beta program. What made it so popular on the Xbox however, is how it is the first proper MOBA game for the console, whereas PC players had more than enough choice.

smite gameplayWhile the rest of the 4-One team have become nothing short of addicted to it, I have played it a lot less, but in my time, have really enjoyed it. It’s simple to pick up and play, takes a bit of learning as you go, but working as a team makes it a lot of fun.

The best part about the Steam version is that you don’t need to migrate your account. Just install the game and you’re good to go with your existing account.

To welcome the Steam community to the arena, SMITE’s Ultimate God Pack, which unlocks all current and future gods in the game (69 so far), is on sale for $19.99 from now until September 13th.

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