SMITE Double Everything Weekend

smiteWith Hi-Rez Studios about to launch SMITE into full release on the Xbox on the 19th of August, this weekend they are celebrating the step with a Double Everything weekend.

By double everything, we mean everything, as you’ll earn twice as much Worshipers, Favor and XP on Xbox. As well as that all gods will be unlocked, allowing you to test any of the 67 gods free of charge.

Legacy chests are also being turned on, allowing players to pick up some of the exclusive skins they might have missed before. These chests include:

  • Holiday
  • Hunter’s
  • International
  • Liberté
  • Oracle
  • Spring Festival

The double weekend will last until Sunday the 16th of August, and you can pick up the Legacy chests until the 18th.

Anybody looking to pick up all the gods on the cheap may want to hurry, as the SMITE Xbox One Founders Pack will be gone come the 31st of August, as well as the option to merge your PC and Xbox accounts.

As for the double weekend, it is a great chance to master a gods and try out some you may not have considered before. Expect there to be a ton of Gebs rolling about!

Is there any gods you have been considering checking out? What gods are you looking to master? Let us know in the comments! I’ll be trying to master Ares, Freya, Hel, Hun Batz and Tyr in between study breaks.

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