SMITE on consoles could get a 60fps upgrade

smiteSMITE has been a rather popular title on PC and Xbox One, and with the free-to-play MOBA coming this year for PlayStation 4, both parties of console fans may be in for an even better experience. According to one of the game’s developers, an update may turn the action from 30 frames per second up to 60fps!

Posting on Twitter, Scott Lussier of Hi-Rez Studios, the game’s developer said “I went ahead and looked up the forecast… looks 60 and breezy,” referring to the game’s updated framerate.

Unfortunately, the hint wasn’t BIG enough, and his post went right over the heads of the most diehard fans, resulting in another tweet to hammer home what he meant. In Smite, players take on the visage of a god or other mythological figure and take part in arena combat, using powers and team tactics against other player-controlled gods and non-player-controlled minions. Gods can be purchased individually, or unlocked as part of a Gods pack. Otherwise, players can only choose from a select few that rotate every few days. It’s good fun, simple to play, and extremely addictive.

[Source: Twitter]

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