Slim-line Xbox One model could be in the works

Xbox OneIt’s one of those stories that you really do need to take with a pinch of salt, but following two new filings to the FFC, it has led many to believe that Microsoft are planning to reveal a new Xbox One design at E3 2016. Now, this could be something as simple as some form of wireless accessory for the console, given that kind of technology first needs to be approved by the Federal Communications commission.

Of course, nothing will be confirmed until Microsoft themselves issue an official announcement but the general nature of the information gives strong indication that the Xbox One is about to get a smaller Brother. For example, one of the filings has been listed under model number 1683, the contents of which are the subject of none-disclosure until June 25th of this year (one week after Microsoft’s E3 conference). The information also includes the User Manual 1525 which eagle-eyed Xbox One owners will have seen before, given Model 1525 is the model number of the current Xbox One console. Xbox One

Now, this isn’t the first time the gaming public have been influenced to think that a new Xbox One console is in the works, earlier in the year Xbox boss Phil Spencer spoke about the potential for Microsoft to produce an upgradable Xbox One, what they’ve got behind closed doors however, remains anyone’s guess.

To throw an additional spanner in the works, rumors have recently been circulating the Internet regarding Sony’s plans for the future of the market leading PS4. The Japanese giant are reportedly currently working on a more powerful version of the PS4, dubbed the PlayStation 4.5 or PlayStation 4K. If these rumors turn out to be a reality  then Microsoft are going to want to react in order to maintain their share of the extremely competitive market.

Xbox OneIt’s also worth noting that in addition to the rumors, Phil Spencer has also been quoted in saying that Microsoft are not interested in releasing an “Xbox One and a half”, but then, they also said they’d never put the console on sale without including the now optional Kinect sensor. Needless to say, all will be revealed at this year’s E3 conferences.

[Source: VG 24/7]

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