Skate 4 leaked, or is it just a fake?

skateIt has been six years since the release of EA’s Skate 3, a skateboarding series that won over fans of the sport, due to its phenomenal control system and authenticity. Despite Skate 3 being received positively, the series just disappeared after that. Now, a supposed leak of a sequel has shown up online.

This week, a post was made on the Australian electronics website JB Hi-Fi, according to which you can see below. The post has since been taken down, but as is the norm, someone screengrabbed the image for all to see. It’s worth taking it with a pinch of salt, as the artwork isn’t exactly professional looking, and some claim the close up of the skateboard on the picture is actually a promotional picture from Skate 2. The ‘4’ is rather odd looking too, and a bit bland.

Skate 4The posting claims that the game will release on the 23rd of August this year, and as well as that, unseen in the picture is a supposed mention that buyers of Skate 4 for Xbox One will get a free downloadable copy of Skate 3. It will unlikely be a console exclusive to Xbox One, unless EA and Xbox have struck a deal which has yet to be confirmed. Maybe on February 25th during the Xbox media briefing, we could learn more, if it’s true?

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