Skate 3 kickflips into the EA Access Vault

skate 3 boxartIt was a long time coming, but EA finally allowed for Skate 3 to be backwards compatible on Xbox One. In even better news, the cult-gathering skateboarding title has now joined the EA Access Vault, meaning that if you’re an existing or future subscriber, it can be yours for a minimal fee.

Skate 3 released in 2010 and gathered a lot of steam in the Xbox community over the last year, with multiple requests for it to be made backwards compatible. While not the best of the trilogy, it allowed for groups of friends to hang out together in free-roam, create skateboarding teams to challenge rival teams in an open world environment.

Players are also able to create and share their own skate parks with friends, take part in multiple events with leaderboards, and traditional competitive modes alongside a single player career with tonnes of challenges. You can’t really go wrong!

EA Access is super cheap, and worth getting an annual subscription. It can be less than a fiver for a month, and about 20 quid for the year. You get access to all Vault titles, 10 hours of early access to any new EA release, and 10% discounts on game and DLC purchases. Win win situation for all!

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