Skate 3 kickflipping onto backwards compatibility soon?

skate 3 boxartSince the announcement of backwards compatibility on Xbox One, one of the most requested titles, for whatever reason, was EA’s Skate 3. Not the first or second game, but the third in the series. It was also known for its bugs, but offered fun multiplayer skate sessions for the skater fans out there. Well, after nearly a year of waiting, it looks like it’s coming back.

Some users on Xbox 360 noticed an advert for backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, and the image depicts Skate 3, saying “Now on back compat: Play Skate 3”. I never played Skate 3. I loved the first two games and played the hell out of them. The controller setup was fantastic and so intuitive. It’s a shame there isn’t another, but a recent Reddit petition for EA to make a Skate 4 went live earlier in the year, trying to encourage the developers to make another, more modern version.

skate 3 backwards compatible

Interesting again, is that last night, the price of Skate 3 on the Xbox 360 store dropped considerably, for a sale. It’s now selling for $11.99 or $9.99 if you’re a Gold member. A picture of the discount was posted on imgur. It might not be long before EA add this into the Vault of EA Access either, so I’d say hold out for a week perhaps, and see if you get it as part of your subscription.

skate 3 discount

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