Sights and sounds of FIFA 16

Efifa 16 ukA Sports have released a new trailer for FIFA 16, showing off the changes to the presentation of the game, and how the main menu will display your preferred club’s stadium in the background. A nice touch indeed!

The main menu will also feature a new embedded video tile, showing replays and filling you in on the latest FIFA 16 and club news. Announced at Gamescom, FIFA 16 will also include a full German Bundesliga commentary package and authentic display, meaning you will see the same presentation in the game that you would see when watching a Bundesliga match from your living room.

Over 900 new crowd chants were recorded for FIFA 16, and the newly promoted Premier League teams have had their stadiums added to the game, with 9 new stadiums being added in total for this year’s release.

Commentators will now discuss individual players with deeper narratives, as you can see in the trailer as well. This will help immerse you into the world of FIFA a little more, with new story lines and player statistic tracking.

New animations were also added, including interactions with the substitutes, post match celebrations, and the referee’s use of the vanishing spray, which makes its debut in FIFA this year.

Check out the trailer below, and let us know, are you excited for FIFA 16?

FIFA 16 will be available for PC, and all Xbox and PlayStation platforms from September 24th.

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