Shigeru Miyamoto answers Mario myths

shigeru miyamotoFor years, fans of Mario have had questions about him, stuff that was never confirmed nor denied, including whether Mario Bros 3 was just an act on stage, and who Bowser Jr’s mother is. Well, Shigeru Miyamoto, the legend, answers some Mario Myths.

For someone to even question whether Mario was about to be damaged by a fire plant on the cover of the original Mario Bro’s is beyond me, but the fact that the question was posed to Mario’s creator is awesome, and some of the reveals are interesting. Does Mario break bricks with his head or fist? Do exploded Bob-ombs become Boos?

The segment could have been longer though, as we’re sure there are many, many other questions that fans would love to hear the answer to. Watch below, and enjoy!

This video was put together to help promote Mario Maker, the latest game for the Wii U which lets fans build and share their own 2D Mario worlds. All over twitter and Facebook, people are sharing their codes to let their friends and fans try their creations. Brilliant community stuff indeed!

[Source: Youtube]

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