Shepard signs off in new Mass Effect Andromeda trailer

N7 Day Mass EffectIt wouldn’t be N7 day for Mass Effect fans without some kind of Mass Effect news from Bioware. While the studio informed fans not to expect any new information of Mass Effect Andromeda today, they have released a new video narrated by Female Shepard, Jennifer Hale.

The video is made up of old NASA footage of shuttles taking off, inside a shuttle while in space, followed by a brief glimpse of ship from the Andromeda. In the trailer, Shepard talks about what came before, and how we are the explorers now. “Know that,” she says towards the end, “wherever you go, “we will be with you”.

The trailer caused some confusion for the dedicated fans, who are aware of Shepard’s departure from Andromeda, in order to tell a new story. Having Shepard feature in a video for Andromeda makes little sense, and gave people false hope of his/her return. Bioware quickly commented to rectify the situation.

Aaron Flynn of Bioware recently said on Twitter to be “open minded to a Mass Effect with no Shepard. Mass Effect Andromeda is due at the end of 2016, with EA having no plans to remaster the original trilogy either. Sad Krogan face.

[Source: Youtube]

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