ShadowRun & more backwards compatible on Xbox One

shadowrun backwards compatibleA new batch of backwards compatible titles have been green lit on Xbox One, and are now available to download or install if you have the Xbox 360 disc or digital purchase. ShadowRun is the highlight of the bunch, and we’ll explain why.

ShadowRun released for the Xbox 360 and Windows XP back in 2007. It was the second game to allow cross-play between the console and PC, after Final Fantasy XI. It is a first/third person shooter, and it proved why console gamers didn’t stand a chance against mouse and keyboard wielding players.

Still, it was a fun game, with a good variety of modes and character skills, with team deathmatch game types, capture flag and domination like modes. Critically, it was rather mixed but still to this day, the game is played by a number of dedicated followers. Will you be giving it a look, or returning to it after a few years of absence?

The other two games added to the list of backwards compatible titles are Space Ark and Shotest Shogi. Space Ark is a single/multi player arcade game with three different modes of play, while Shotest Shogi is one of those weird Japanese table top games which leaves most of us feeling confused and lacking in understanding!

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