Shadow of Mordor Devs Now Hiring; Something New in the Works?

shadow of mordorIt looks like the Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor devs Monolith Productions have something new in the works, and are looking for more staff for the project.

The job advertisements, posted up by their parent company Time Warner, for several openings at Monolith. These openings include positions for Programmers, Artists, Software Engineers, and a lot more. What they are needed for exactly is unknown, but 26 positions is a lot, so no doubt Monolith are looking to expand following the huge success of Shadow of Mordor.

Job Openings [Click to Enlarge]
If could be a sequel to Shadow of Mordor, and it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume we haven’t seen the end of it considering its great reviews and number of GOTY awards, though they will likely do something different this time around. However, there is a good chance we will be seeing the Nemesis system once again, as there is a ton of potential in the system and the design director has said that they wanted to use it some more.

What are your thoughts? Will you be trying to get a job at Monolith? What do you think they could be working on? Let us know in the comments!

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