Secret Message Uncovered on Perception Kickstarter

PerceptionThe horror game Perception, developed by Deep End Games who are composed mostly of Bioshock and Dead Space developers, was revealed yesterday with a Kickstarter, and on that page a secret message has been found.

Majority of the page is made up of the usual you would find on Kickstarter, such as what the story is about, gameplay, setting and enemies, and while stretch goals are also usually part of it these ones were a bit different.

Underneath the stretch goals is an image which at first glance you’d assume is just Braille nothing more than detailing further goals as you see below:

Perception Secret Message


But actually, it is a secret message that IGN (probably not the first, but where we learned it) have translated to be:

“There are secrets hiding in plain sight and hidden below the surface lie mysteries,  a void of rambling questions set between reality and what is real. 

Beyond truth only perception guides us.”

Interesting indeed, but what it really means we are unsure. There definitely seem to be further stretch goals though they aren’t detailed, so we can’t tell what they are. However, there does seem to be other secrets, possibly on the Kickstarter page, yet to be found.

Maybe these other secrets detail the higher goals, or lead us to some new information on the game? Maybe it its nothing. Who knows, but it no doubt has captured the interest of some who are already looking. All I hope is it doesn’t lead to more creepy dolls.

What do you hope the hidden message leads to? Let us know in the comments!

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