Scalebound gameplay demo shown at Gamescom 2015

ScaleboundNow that some of the bigger conferences of Gamescom are over and done with, we’ve managed to find a bit of time to backtrack through the news and pick up anything we missed at the time. So this seems like a good place to start, Scalebound. An Xbox One exclusive title that completely caught us off-guard, thanks to a truly stunning gameplay demo, shown during the Xbox Press Conference. 

Back when Scalebound was first announced, I made the mistake of assuming that, because there was a reference to Dragons, this was going to be another RPG title inspired by the success of the Dark Souls franchise. Given I’m not much of a Dark Souls fan, that lead me to lose interest which, after seeing the games in action, has now lead to surprise and eager anticipation for the title.

So, let’s have a look at that trailer:

Straight away its clear to see this isn’t going to be the typical RPG that we’re used to… That is, if that’s the genre its going to fall under. The first thing that stands out, not including the enormous fire-breathing Dragon fighting by your side, is the level of detail displayed across the environment. At the time of writing we have no idea how close this game is to completing the development cycle, but if the environment shown in this demo is anything to go by, its safe to assume this is going to be  desperately pretty game.

The game itself has been born from a love of fantasy, action and open world RPG games, Scalebound is Platinum’s first attempt at an RPG title and while that would make a lot of fanatics bury their head in the sand, they seemed to have introduced an excellent new concept to a genre that has often fallen victim to clichés. But Platinum went into Scalebound with a very clear vision, they wanted to create an experience that gave the player a sense of companionship between man and beast, the demo absolutely radiates this vision as if the twoScalebound are inter-twined. Throughout the game, the protagonists (Drew, a 20 something year old human and Thuban, the last Dragon in the world Platinum are call “Draconis”) will develop their relationship and players will learn more about them, unlocking abilities that harness synergy between the two as they develop.

For those of you that are interested in Scalebound, we’ve got a bit of a wait ahead of us with Platinum currently stating a “Holiday 2016” release window. However Scalebound has definitely snatched some of my attention so I’ll personally be looking forward to hearing more information in the near future.

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