Who says Bears Can’t Drift?

bears can't driftNow available on the PlayStation Store and Steam to download and play is a new kart racing title called Bears Can’t Drift. Well guess what? They can indeed, and they do it in style. Available for $9.99, Bears Can’t Drift offers intense, fun and hilarious single and 4 player local multiplayer.

Its selling point is definitely the tag line of “Created entirely by a single developer with no coding knowledge, Bears Can’t Drift!? is a truly unique cart racer.” A must buy in that case!

Bears Can’t Drift lets you race across 12 tracks in 3 unique game modes, with powerful weapon picks ups to take advantage of to help you win. The hub worlds give players the opportunity to figure out the controls and experiment with the pickups. Tedious tutorials won’t be found in Bears Can’t Drift. It’s up to you to explore the world and unlock its secrets!

For another weird and wacky kart racer on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, why not check out Coffin Dodgers?

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