Sausage Party Review

sausage partySausage Party gives you exactly what you expect but adds in so much more. Seth Rogen and friends come together for a foul-mouthed comedy. It’s about some grocery store items that are still learning their place in life. Sausage Party is astounding in the sense that the writers have created an ecosystem for these characters. One that mirrors all the events going on in the real world we inhabit. The racial, sexual, religious, and political commentary seeded through this movie is superbly executed through our naive characters. This makes Sausage Party a double edged sword as a comedy, delivering all kinds of jokes and having them all be hilarious whilst also having smart underlying tones.

This movie delivers all sorts of great comedy. This usually centers around food products or food puns. It’s not in the way of a cliche dad-joke, it’s smarter than that and self references these moments. Sausage Party has a smart political commentary. It can be offensive but never necessarily crosses the line without bringing down any counterpoint with it. Naturally, there are numerous dirty jokes and physical humor, which are all mostly pretty enjoyable. I don’t mind excessive swearing, but the movie could do without so many F-words. Often the movie is jumbled with too many swears that just hurt the comedy. Thankfully, the sharp writing and social references keep this movie funny.

The ending is one of the most graphic scenes I’ve witnessed as of recent and I loved it. It ties to the physical humor (obviously) but is a scene that will be remembered for quite some time. It’s also a very quotable movie; Sausage Party boasts some fantastic characters that have great lines. It only helps that this movie not only parodies the world we live in but some of the iconic films of our time.  It seems like a standard formula for a Seth Rogen movie, but this one really has all the right beats in most of the places.

Regrettably, pacing in the middle starts to drag with a dry-spell of good humor. The movie starts and ends on such a strong note that it’s not a huge lingering issue. I can only say a movie is funny oh so many times before it sounds repetitive, but Sausage Party was an absolute delight. I was vocally laughing hard most of the time and whenever I wasn’t I had a wide grin across my face. So long as you’re an adult and don’t mind the raunchiest of humor (and some offensive) Sausage Party is a blast and something I will be seeing again very soon.

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