Santa finds himself enjoying PlayStation VR

santa playstation vrPromotional ads over the holiday period are plentiful, and who can blame the publishers and manufacturers? The best way to get the latest tech or the most sought after toy under your tree and into your home is via advertising.

Sony’s latest ad for the PlayStation VR sees Santa arrive in someone’s house, rolling his eyes at the sight of a mince pie and a carrot, before eyeing up Sony’s VR headset on the shelving unit. He soon finds himself waving his arms around, laughing loudly, and waking up the entire family. It’s not long before Santa is removed from the house, with the family rather unhappy with his disturbing carry-on. Poor Santa.

If you made it this far in the article, please accept our apology. It’s a slow news week… Will you be adding a PlayStation VR headset to your collection of tech goodies this Christmas?

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