Rumour: Tom Clancy’s: The Division could be getting an open beta after all

The DivisionOkay, so we know we’ve said this many times before, but you have to admit the consistency is providing us with enough evidence to back our claims. Once again the loud-mouthed European’s have leaked valuable insider knowledge on the video-games industry, this time the information is regarding an open-beta for Tom Clancy’s: The Division. Which is currently under-going a recently extended closed beta test.

On this occasion, the finger is squarely pointed at the administration team behind Xbox Italy’s Facebook page for leaking the information, but that’s irrelevant, we’re simply here to report on the news. So with that in mind we’d like to inform you that, according to the information, Ubisoft’s Online Shooter will once again be opening up its servers in a second beta test, this time however it’s an open beta test meaning anyone with one of the relevant platforms can take part, without any need to pre-order the game or register your interest. The Division

Xbox Italy detailed that the open-beta will go online from the 16th of February and run five days through until the 21st of February with Xbox One owners being granted an additional 24 hours of early access before the beta goes live for PS4 and PC owners. Given the dates listed this beta will likely conclude the development process, giving gamers one last opportunity to provide Ubisoft with information regarding the games final build before it “goes Gold”.

It’s worth noting of course that Ubisoft have made no official announcements in regards to the news, so there’s still a chance that this could all be hearsay and someone over at Xbox Italy has just been mis-informed. The DivisionRegardless, Ubisoft have been contacted for clarification, so expect an announcement later this week if not today.

Finally, we’d just like to offer some advice, if you’re a high-profile character within the video-game industry holding onto valuable insider information. Don’t tell Europe.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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