RUMOUR: Suicide Squad to Undergo Reshoots in Order to Add More Humour

Squad LogoGenerally speaking, whenever news breaks that a highly-anticipated blockbuster is undergoing reshoots, it’s considered a bad sign. If the film isn’t quite cutting it in the editing room (pun totally intended), certain scenes are rewritten and reshot at the last minute in order to save the film from certain doom.

According to an article recently written by Birth.Movies.Death, Suicide Squad is currently undergoing reshoots, and it’s not for the reason that you’d expect. Apparently, the film is undergoing reshoots in order for more humour to be injected into the film. This is a knock-on effect from the reaction to the second trailer of the film.

The first trailer of Suicide Squad didn’t really grab me, but the second trailer completely caught my attention. Instantly the film registered on my 2016 watchlist, it looked super-fun, and the comedy played a large part in that. It felt like I was watching a trailer to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (and here’s what that would look like…)

By the looks of things, I’m not alone. The reaction to the second trailer was overwhelming. But here’s the thing — supposedly, all of the humour that’s in the film was crammed into that trailer, and since people want more humour, DC intend to deliver.

There’s speculation that this decision is a response to criticism that Batman V. Superman has received due to it’s overtly serious tone. As filmmaker/comic-book aficionado  Kevin Smith recently put it,  “It was certainly f***ing humorless. There was nothing funny going on in that world whatsoever.” Well said.

Some are also considering that this decision might be a result of the universal success of Deadpool, which was recently named the world’s highest grossing R-rated comedy ever.

Who knows? Again, this is just a rumour, and DC have declined to comment. So this is to be taken with a hefty grain of salt. But I think a film with a fun, playful personality could significantly help DC’s reputation. At the moment, they’re known for producing films that have quite a… dour disposition. Aka. ‘serious’ films.

Let’s have some fun for a change.

Suicide Squad will be released on August 5th.

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