Rumour suggests Bungie to sell heavy ammo in Destiny for real money

DestinyA source close to VG247 has informed them that Bungie may be adding a new microtransaction item to the game in the future, in the form of purple ammo drops, or heavy weapon ammo. While harder to acquire now than before, you can still buy it from vendors in-game, but an option to buy it with real cash may be an added option.

Taken from VG247, “The most sought after ammo pack by far is Heavy Ammo Synthesis, as Heavy is essential for high-level PvE activities such as raiding. There are currently only three ways to acquire Heavy packs: you can buy them from the Tower gunsmith, Banshee-44, for 950 Glimmer, Destiny’s “free” in-game currency; exotic vendor Xur sells packs of three for one Strange Coin; and Variks, the Reef’s Prison of Elders handler, sells them for 250 Glimmer and a pack of Ether Seeds.”

It is said that rumours of such microtransactions have been in consideration since early last year, but the first form of microtransaction arrived at the end of 2015, with the arrival of Silver coins and optional emojis, letting your dance with your Guardian. New moves were added with time, followed by the ability to buy cosmetic pieces for your Sparrow bikes too.


It will be interesting to see if Bungie follow through with this, and see how Destiny fans respond to the opportunity to buy heavy ammo. It will be the first time that Destiny players can somewhat impact the game and gaining an advantage over other players in a minor way.

[Source: VG247]

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