Rumour of Yacht properties coming to GTA Online

gta yachtYachts could soon be making their way to GTA Online, if leaked file information on various forums are to be believed. Similar to the yacht found in the Heist mission, that’s also available at the moment in one of the Halloween Slasher missions, yachts could potentially be another property.

There are no images or screenshots to speak of, other than the files that were screen-grabbed for the forums, but if true, we could be landing helicopters on our own private yachts, and docking in various parts of Los Santos, like rich men and women.

Another leaker is stating too that apartment customisation is another update that will be coming in future, with images linked to various bed designs being uncovered, no pun intended. Honestly. It’s a minor feature that fans and friends have queried, and something they would want. Make your apartment your own, and why not allow us to upload Snapmatic pictures as graphics for paintings and posters? That would be awesome.

gtav yachtAnother Lowrider update could come too, hinted at in the game when Benny says there are currently only 6 vehicles to customise, while he plans to expand in the future. Hmmmm….

Now, if you’ll excuse me, all this talk of GTA Online makes me want to play it again. If you want to join me on Xbox One, leave your gamertag in the comments, or mail us directly, here or on our Facebook page.

[Source: VG247]

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