Rumour: New Apple TV device to focus on games

apple tvRumoured for Apple’s media briefing tomorrow, September 9th, Apple are to announce the newer Apple TV set-top box, which will focus heavily on games.

There’s no doubt that gaming is huge, and with Amazon’s Fire TV device and even EA’s streaming service alongside Comcast, more companies are trying to get into the gaming scene, which is dominated by consoles, PCs, handhelds and mobile devices. The Apple TV will still feature video and music streaming apps and services, such as iTunes and Apple Music platforms.

apple tv appsThere hasn’t been a new Apple TV box in three years, and according to, “Previous rumours have suggested that the new box will come with Apple’s current A8 processor, a user interface based on iOS 9, a remote that might have motion functionality, and 16GB of storage”.

We won’t have long to wait to find out if this is true, and while most media outlets will be focusing on the new line of iPhones, we’ll certainly be keeping our eyes and ears open for this rumoured Apple TV upgrade.

Will Apple be able to make a mark on the gaming scene, or is it convoluted enough already? Competition breeds innovation, as the saying goes. This can only benefit us gamers in the long run.

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