Rovio announces Angry Birds 15… But they’re calling it 2

RovioRovio, the mobile developer behind the many various Angry Birds games available for mobile platforms has officially announced a sequel to the game that took the mobile world by Storm. The game itself will represent the 15th game in the Angry Birds series on mobile devices (not including console ports and free versions) though Rovio have decided to title it as a sequel to the original game, Angry Birds 2.

As it stands at the moment, details are extremely hard to come by and Rovio themselves are even remaining tight-lipped, all we have to go on is that the game will be “bigger,badder and birdier” than ever before. To put that in perspective here’s a list of some of the Angry Birds’ games already available to download on mobile platforms:

– Angry Birds,Rovio

– Angry Birds Seasons,

– Angry Birds Rio,

– Angry Birds Friends,

– Angry Birds Space,

– Angry Birds Star Wars,

– Angry Birds Star Wars 2,

– Angry Birds Transformers,Rovio

– Angry Birds Go!,

– Angry Birds Epic,

– Angry Birds Flight!,

– Angry Birds Stella,

– Angry Birds Stella Pop!,

– Angry Birds Bad Piggies,

– Angry Birds Under Pigstruction. (Up-coming).

That’s a lot of games to go through before you finally get to what is being cheekily titled the ‘second game in the series’, maybe Rovio should have been a little more imaginative in that regard. But when your games boast a total of 3 billion total downloads, I’m personally guessing that thinking up a title for the sequel isn’t highest on your list of concerns.

Officially Angry Birds 2 will be revealed to the community on July 28th when Rovio will play host to a special event specially centered around the announcement following the conclusion of that event Angry Birds 2 will go live 2 days later on July 30th. Also in the works is a CG Animated film featuring the voice of Tyrion Lanister (Peter Dinklage) among others, Angry Birds LEGO is reportedly also in development.


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