Rockstar to focus on GTA Online for the longhaul

GTA OnlineIGN had a chance to speak to Grand Theft Auto’s Director of Design at Rockstar North Imran Sarwar about the future of GTA Online. With GTA Online being a learning experience for the team, following on from earlier efforts of GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption’s online features, it seems Rockstar are too busy to work on single player DLC.

While this morning we questioned when this single player DLC will arrive, if at all, and on what platforms (referring to the lack of new GTA Online content for last gen), it seems that any hope of single player content is far from release.

“Grand Theft Auto Online changed the flow of development from what we were traditionally used to, which has been a learning experience for everyone,” says Sarwar. “The shift to working on an evolving online game means there are fewer pauses in production – we are constantly producing content for GTA Online alongside everything else we are working on. We have been really excited by the idea of online multiplayer for a long time, and with the evolving nature of what GTA Online has become, we’ve been able to realize a lot of our ideas which has been a fantastic experience. GTA Online’s success means we are going to be able to work on a lot more in the future too as we’ve learned a ton and have come up with even more ideas for future games.”

Also stated in the interview is that Rockstar North themselves are involved in the workings and development of GTA Online. It hasn’t been passed on to another part of Rockstar, nor has it been outsourced in anyway. This helps keep the game inline with how Rockstar want it to be.

“Every key member of the team that launched Grand Theft Auto V has worked on every aspect of GTA Online, from all content through Heists, and now to these latest updates. This comes from our initial approach to GTA Online – we wanted to create an experience that was equal in quality and detail to the efforts we had made in our single player games, and we believed players could have both without sacrificing one over the other. GTA Online has proven too interesting and too important to be separate from the main mission of the entire team.”

There’s more to the interview, relating to the last generation console versions and talk about what the future holds for GTA Online. You can read that here.

[Source: IGN]

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