Rockstar’s teasing raises Take-Two’s stock

Rockstar GamesRockstar have spent the last few days playing with our emotions by teasing a couple of simple images on their social media accounts. Obviously the internet went completely mad with excitement and Rockstar’s Parent company saw a nice consequence of all this excitement.

Rockstar are probably the only company out there that could release two simple images and create the frenzy that has occurred over the last few days. That they can do it in the busy period of game releases and in the week when one of the years most anticipated games releases speaks volumes of the standing the developer has with gamers and the confidence Rockstar have in their work.

Red Dead Tease

When Rockstar does something everyone sits up and pays attention, including investors. After the two images had been released into the wilderness Rockstar’s parent company saw their stocks go up by 5.7%. It’s not hard to see why investors get as excited as gamers when Rockstar releases a game. Grand Theft Auto V, has shipped over 65 million copies as of spring 2016 and made over $800 million dollars within 24 hours of release in 2013. The game made $1 billion within three days of release, breaking numerous records. Even now,three years later, Grand Theft Auto V still manages to sell like hot cakes and shark cards earn them a pretty penny on the side too.

Red Dead tease close

Rockstar have yet to confirm anything concrete about this new game although you might be forgiven for keeping an eye on their social media accounts over the next couple of days. All we know for sure is that we can see the silhouettes of seven characters and some of those characters look a little bit familiar.

Red Dead Redemption, Marston

bill williamsonThe central character looks a lot like John Marston whilst the character to the right of John could be Bill Willliamson as they both have a distinctive hat.  We know that John was an outlaw and part of Dutch’s Gang, a gang that robbed banks (heists anyone?) so this could all be pointing towards a prequel to Redemption.

Red Dead leak

Earlier in the year a map was leaked which purported to show the game world of the next Red Dead game. It included an area of Red Dead Redemptions game world to the west but didn’t show a railroad that featured in Redemption which adds further weight to the idea that the next game could be set prior to Redemption. Interestingly the map also included a place called New Bordeaux which features in another of Take-Two’s games, Mafia 3.

Whatever Rockstar has up their sleeve its sure to turn to gold and I doubt we have long left to wait before we get more information.


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