Rockstar responds to BBC’s GTA docudrama

the gamechangers gta bbc dramaLast night, the BBC docudrama about Grand Theft Auto and its creation was aired in the UK. Rockstar Games, the studio responsible for the series (of course) were not actually involved in the show, and as you can imagine, were not happy with how it portrayed its staff.

The show, titled “The GameChangers” features Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe and Aliens actor Bill Paxton, playing the roles of Rockstar Games’ Sam Houser and US lawyer Jack Thompson respectively. Jack Thompson is famed for trying to stop Grand Theft Auto from continuing, fearing that it was causing a negative influence on the younger generation.

Earlier in the year, Rockstar Games filed a lawsuit against the BBC, as the studio was not consulted on the project and the documentary is supposedly created based on legal documents from the court cases held in 2002, in which the series is set, following GTA: Vice City and before the release of GTA: San Andreas.

We have yet to sit down and watch the show ourselves, but going by Rockstar’s take on the airing, we’re not sure we’re missing too much, but we’d like to see what all the controversy is about, and look forward to what will surely come of the lawsuit. Below, you can see the trailer for the show. You can catch it on the BBC iPlayer if you’re in the UK. It’s bound to make its way online via other methods.

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