Rockstar offering a cash bonus on top of Shark Card purchases

gta online shark cardFor a limited time only on GTA Online, buy a Shark Card, and get some extra money on top of it for free. The money will be deposited into your account the following week, but you can buy multiple cards and get an even bigger return. That super yacht will no longer be a pipe dream.As players know, money can be made in-game by completing races, heists, events or missions, and you can quickly gain an advantage on the financial front by buying microtransactions in the form of Shark Cards. These range in prices and offerings, and all bonus money earned from the purchase of cards will be applied to your account on the 27th of January.

While microtransactions in games has become more mainstream, consider that Rockstar Games haven’t added any premium DLC to GTA Online, and all previously released content has been added for free, extending and growing the game in many ways. Can’t really argue with that, can you?

  • Bull Shark Card ($9.99 USD) – 15% bonus, $575,000 total
  • Great White Shark Card ($19.99 USD) – 30% bonus, 1,625,000 total
  • Whale Shark Card ($49.99 USD)– 35% bonus, 4,725,000 total
  • Megalodon Shark Card ($99.99 USD)– 50% bonus, 12,000,000

gta online yacht

If you’re interested, you can buy one here for Xbox, and here for PlayStation. You can also buy them in-game in the pause menu to the far right, when on GTA Online. The offer is valid now though Sunday, January 24. All bonus credits will be deposited as one lump on Wednesday, January 27.

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