Rocket League will soon let you shoot some hoops

rocket league basketballPsyonix, the developer behind the much loved arcade ‘sports’ title Rocket League have teased a new mode coming to the title soon. Following the traditional¬†football/soccer mode, we then received an ice hockey game. Now it looks like basketball is on the way!

Psyonix¬†teased the new mode with a single screenshot on Twitter which you can see below. Almost instantly, you can imagine that the ball physics will be increased somewhat from what we’re accustomed to, to make the bouncing basketball more erratic, and more manic. The mode will be called Rocket League Hoops, and it will also include a new arena that will also change up the way goals are scored. Yes, you will have to use some skill and lift the ball to shoot some hoops!

This week, Rocket League fans across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC were given the chance to download the new Batman vs Superman Batmobile as additional DLC. You can learn more about that here. Rocket League has proven to be a blast across all platforms, and Psyonix recently celebrated the Xbox One version hitting 1 million players already since its February launch. Amazing stuff, and long may it continue.

[Source: Twitter]

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