Rocket League shooting onto ‘other platforms’

rocket leagueFollowing the massive success of Rocket League on both the PlayStation 4 and PC, it appears that it will be making its way to ‘other platforms’, according to its developer, Psyonix.

Psyonix Vice President of Marketing and Communications Jeremy Dunham told Gamezone that the developer is now “in a position” to expand. “We are absolutely, 100 percent going to other platforms. What those platforms are and when we’ll come to them, I don’t know yet,” he added, wrote IGN.

While other platforms can only mean so much, it is most likely the Xbox platform that is being suggested. I could be wrong, but I don’t see Rocket League making an appearance on the Wii U, although I can’t see why not. Could it potentially appear on iOS and Android platforms too? Why not?

Psyonix is made up of a small team of 8-12 people, so developing Rocket League for all platforms simultaneously would have taken time. Focusing on a PS4 release as well as PC was probably the best bet, as they would have the larger install bases, which makes it easier to market the game and get its name all over social media. A later release on other platforms would still be welcomed.

“We wanted to make [sure] that it was very good, very polished, that everybody liked it, and the only way we could ensure that was to focus on two platforms,” said Dunham. He added the studio didn’t want to “port [Rocket League] to as many platforms as we possibly could just to try to maximize our profit.”

[Source: IGN]

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