Rocket League Rumble update arrives today

rocket league rumbleToday sees the release of the Rumble update for Rocket League, which adds a bit of a twist to the ‘soccar’ sport that you have fallen in love with in the last year, or few months. Rumble brings a bunch of new features to Rocket League, as well as the introduction of Crates and Keys, which helps fund future e-sports events.

Rumble adds a new way to play Rocket League, with the addition of 11 special abilities that range from Grappling Hook, Tornadoes, magnets and a spring loaded boxing glove. Just because. It also adds four new vehicle variants which are available via the limited Crates that have been added. To unlock them, you will need to buy a Key, but as well as the cars, there are also new liveries and accessories to unlock too. You can see the cars below the trailer.

Another great new feature coming in the free Rumble update is “Car Presets.” This will allow you to create up to 10 different slots to save your favorite configurations, and the Car Preset option also allows you to save your vehicle customizations on a “per team” basis, with new “Equip to Blue” and “Equip to Orange” options!

On top of that, the primary color palette has been expanded with additional shades for the Orange team and all-new green shades for the Blue team.

rocket-league-rumble2 rocket-league-rumble1 rocket-league-rumble3 rocket-league-rumble4

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