Rocket League Rumble causes frame rate issues for many

rocket league rumbleThis week saw the release of a new add-on for Rocket League, its mad looking new Rumble mode. However, fans on Xbox One and even on PC have discovered that the frame rates have taken a bit of a thrashing during gameplay, even on Rocket League’s regular game modes.

I witnessed this myself and can say that it made the game unplayable for me. It stutters so much, and you just can’t find the same enjoyment from it. Unfortunately, Psyonix won’t have a hotfix out until next week, so if Rocket League is your weekend game with friends, you may need to find something else in the meantime.

The Rumble update adds four new variations of existing cars, new crates and premium keys that are required to unlock them, the ability to create and save multiple car set ups (colours and accessories) and of course, the Rumble game mode which adds weapons and powerups to your games of Rocket League.

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