Rocket League reaches player milestone

rocket league wallpaper chartPysonix are celebrating big with Rocket League this week, with the studio publishing some statistics that many developers could only dream of. After a super successful launch of Rocket League, one that was met with concern and good fortune, the team and the game itself has gone from strength to strength.

Launching in July of 2015 for PlayStation 4 via PS+ and on PC, Rocket League won over fans instantaneously with its charming visuals, simplistic controls, and addictive gameplay. The inclusion of customization options certainly helped too, allowing players the ability to put hats, antennae, customizable wheels, colours, skins and boosts on their favourite motors. None of the cars handle any different from the other, so it’s all just personal cosmetic preference.

rocket league accomplishments

Rocket League eventually released on Xbox One at the beginning of 2016, when I first got to try it out, and boy did I fall in love with it right away. I still play it almost daily, and if not, it gets played at least every week. It’s too hard to ignore for too long.

Psyonix have done a great job of keeping the title fresh with seasons, new cosmetic items, seasonal events, new arenas to play in, new modes to try out such as Basketball and the Rumble mode, which adds crazy special moves such as punching gloves and magnets, and then there’s the fan-favourite ice hockey mode.

Last year, Psyonix added in loot crates; optional premium reward boxes that you could open by purchasing keys. The items within can not be gained in any other way, only through these keys. I’ve bought a few, but I don’t oppose the idea whatsoever, considering how little I paid for the game when it launch, and how many hours of gameplay I’ve enjoyed from it so far.

Last year, Danny O’Dwyer recorded a fantastic series of videos, detailing the history and the successes of Rocket League. You can watch the first part below, then head over here to see the second part. They’re totally worth the watch, and you can’t help but feel excited for the team with how successful their game came to be.

Here’s to another great year for Psyonix and Rocket League. See you on the pitch, folks!

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